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All Blade blanks are 1095 high carbon steel and measure 5/32” thick and Damascus steel available upon request.  Professionally heat treated and tempered to a rock wall hardness of 57-61 depending on application. Made in the USA! 


Why high carbon steel? 

Here at Crownpointe we only use high carbon steel. High carbon steel (as opposed to stainless steel) will hold up to very hard to use, Carmen steel will hold an extremely sharper edge for a longer period of time and it’s also easier to sharpen. Only drawback is the rust factor. Carbon steel will need a little bit of WD-40 every now and then. For chef/kitchen knives use a food Grade oil such as vegetable or olive oil. 


All the Damascus is made in the USA and typically layered anywhere from 300 to 450 layers. Damascus is heat treated to manufacturing specifications. 


Heat treating process- I heat treat all of my blades with my even heat Kiln with TAP technology. TAP technology allows me to program the heat treat and tempering process into the the Kiln. So heat treats are fool proof and consistent with steel manufactures specs.

Crownpointe Customs

is a one of a kind knife and metalwork studio in Vacaville, Ca.



How often does someone have the opportunity to invest  in a one-of-a-kind, timeless, and stunning piece that can be passed on from generation to generation? It priceless to discover unique craftsmanship that was handmade with American material and custom created in a loving home from someone who is truly passionate about his time-consuming craft. I couldn’t be more satisfied and my family now has “Crownpointe Fever” for another knife!


Customer service is so hard to come by these days. Working with Kyle and his amazing skills I was able to create a completely custom build knife that I will have an enjoy forever. Couldn’t be more pleased thanks again Kyle.


After searching long and hard on the Internet for a wedding gift for my wife. I came across Crownpointe Customs and decided to build my wife a custom chef knife. When my wife opened her present she was blown away. Kyle took it to the next level and exceeded all my expectations. Thank you again for making a gift that has truly been unforgettable.

Crownpointe Customs

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Mon-Sat 9am-5pm

Sunday - CLOSED

About Us

Family is my heart and soul while blade smithing is my passion game. I am a blessed husband to my loving, hard-working, and talented wife, Donielle, and proud father to our beautiful and spirited daughter, Paige. I’m also the youngest of three to loving parents who’ve been married since 1974. 


My weekdays are filled as a Chevron machinist since 2008. After a hard days work, I enjoy fitting time in for my fitness as therapy to my mind, body and soul. Weekends is where all the fun goes down. When I’m not camping or fishing, the coffee is brewed between 4-5am,

and my two Jack Russells follow me into my shop where the music is turned on and time is lost and replaced with blade bliss. 


Following in my Grandpa Chabot’s footsteps: designing, profiling, heat treating, beveling, tempering, sharpening, and etching all goes into creating a Crownpointe custom creation. I’m not just about building a knife, I’m about building customer relationships as strong as any Crownpointe knife that I pour my heart into.

Thank you, 

Kyle and Donielle 

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