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Custom Damascus knife build

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Day in the Life of Crownpointe Customs knife studio

WE are a one-of-a-kind knife and metal studio in Vacaville, CA.

Family is my heart and soul while blade smithing is my passion game. I am a blessed husband to my loving, hard-working, and talented wife, Donielle and proud father to our beautiful, spirited daughter, Paige. When I'm not camping with my family or fishing, the coffee in our house is brewed between 4-5am, and my two Jack Russell follow me into the shop where the music is turned on and time is lost and replaced with blade bliss. I'm not just about building a knife; I'm about building customer relationships as strong as any Crownpointe knife that I pour my heart into.


Check us out in our day in the life episodes. These short videos let you see some of your day-to-day actives and of course knife making. This short video is when we were at the Dixon Gun Show.

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